Naomi KingWelcome to my new website, devoted to my new Amish stories! In my Naomi King series, Home at Cedar Creek, you’ll mosey along the country roads of Cedar Creek, Missouri where seamstress Abby Lambright and her family will share their lives and their love. You can shop at the Cedar Creek Mercantile, visit James Graber at Graber Custom Carriages and pick up a pot of geraniums at Treva’s Greenhouse as you gaze out over the rolling pastureland dotted with sheep. Cedar Creek is my fictional town in northwest Missouri, in the vicinity of Queen City and near the Iowa border, where many Plain folks make their home in reality.

In my new Seasons of the Heart series, you’ll savor the down-home meals served up in Miriam Lantz’s Sweet Seasons Bakery Café—and you can find many of her recipes here on my site, as well as in each book! Willow Ridge, Missouri will feel just like home as you meet Miriam’s daughters, gaze out over their garden plots, sit on their front porch swing, listen to the buzz of Leah’s bees in the orchard, and stroll along the banks of the Missouri River. Willow Ridge is in north central Missouri—alive with love in our imaginations!

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Time to Say Goodbye—And Then YES!
Saturday, October 11th, 2014

Emma Blooms At LastWhen I began writing EMMA BLOOMS AT LAST, the fourth book in my Home At Cedar Creek/One Big Happy Family series, major story pieces were already in play. I’d created the world of Cedar Creek, Missouri, and I’d also kept readers wondering if Abby Lambright and James Graber would ever marry! In AMANDA WEDS A GOOD MAN, I’d also introduced the extended Brubaker family. One element of the writing process was different, however: I knew EMMA would be the final book in this series. I had to say goodbye, so I could say yes to other things—and that’s exactly what …

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Covers, Covered
Saturday, July 12th, 2014

An Amish Christmas Quilt

The cover of a book is supposed to lure potential readers to take your book from the store shelf—or click it, online—and read more about what’s inside. The typical path is: you like the cover, you read the back cover copy, you open the book to read inside a bit, and—hopefully—you proceed to the checkout. Cover art does these things mostly by revealing the genre of the story, telling the reader what awaits her inside, and conveying the setting and the general mood of the story.


For instance, you can see at a glance that this is an Amish …

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